For several thousands of years of existence humanity was constantly changing, as its illnesses and means of their treatment. Nevertheless, for over 3 thousand years various nations in different parts of the world use mysterious Shilajit as a remedy. Many pages will be needed just to list diseases which Shilajit was considered and still is considered as effective drug in traditional medicine of different ages, countries and nations.

In other words, regardless of nationality, religion, medical culture and development level of official medicine, people of various counties have been using Shilajit in medical purposes for almost 40 centuries.

Healing properties of Shilajit can be attributed to the bunch of elements and biologically active substances in it. Judging by the content, Shilajit is a complex substance.

It is established, that Shilajit has over 80 components in it – substances, vital for the organism, including vegetable based antibiotics and blood thinners, 30 chemical elements (Calcium, potassium, silicon, sodium, magnesium, aluminum, vanadium, ferric iron, phosphorus, barium, sulfur, molybdenum, beryllium, manganese, titanium, argentum, cuprum, plumb, zinc, bismuth, nickel, cobalt, stannic, strontium, chrome, helium).

Some types of Shilajit also contained carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, amino-acids (histidine, threonine, methionine, tryptophane, lysine, valine, etc.), over 10 different metallic oxides, galangal oils, fatty acids, vitamins, chlorophyll, enzymes, hormones and other substances.

Scientists have also studies isotopic composition of Shilajit. It turned out to be related to the composition of mountain vegetation, common for the belt from 1500 to 3000 meters above sea level. Isotopes also helped to determined age of Shilajit pools in Altai caves – from hundreds to thousands of years!

Information about content and properties of Shilajit may seem boring, but thanks to it it is possible to distinguish Shilajit from similar substances, as well as from counterfeit and imitations. Currently nobody was able to create artificial Shilajit with healing qualities equal to the natural one.

All valuable substances in Shilajit are present in biologically digestive form, balanced by their physiological effect on the organism. Shilajit contains all mentioned substances in precise ratio to their percent content in the body!