Shilajit contains balanced complex of biologically active substances, including free and released amino acids, fatty acids, macro- and micro-elements, and vitamins, which explain its wide range of pharmacological activity. In a century old product all parts are in optimal states and proportions, providing maximal bioavailability and efficiency.

Unique natural complex has passed biological barrier and has ideal affinity to the human organism, without negative impact. With level of safety, Shilajit has not only a healing effect, but it also has soft regulating action on different systems of the organism, including skin. Shilajit has microbicide, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-toxic, healing and anti-oxidative activity. It corrects tissular and local skin immunity. Shilajit positively affects metabolic-regenerative processes in the organism, increases its adaptation abilities to various negative factors.

All following recipes are based on numerous publications about usage of Shilajit in cosmetology and with consideration of modern knowledge about Shilajit are presented as reasonable and safe. However, as any drug, Shilajit is counter-indicative to those who has increased sensation to its components, and it should be take only after consulting your doctor, without excess of daily value. Only in this case a desired effect will be achieved.

Shilajit is extremely effective agent for facial skin of any type, especially for the one weakened by negative external conditions. Creams with Shilajit have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobic, anti-toxic, anti-allergy and regenerative action; it enriches skin cells with mineral substances and vitamins; improves cell respiration, reinforces processes of natural regeneration of skin cells.

You can use olive and peach oil, cosmetic nourishing creams, glycerin, medical vaseline and waterless lanolin as a base.

Dissolve 5,0 grams of Shilajit in 1 table spoon of boiled water. Resulting mixture to blend with 80-100 grams of any baby lotion. Cream is to be applied to the skin of face, neck and hands in thin layer. 30 minutes later to remove remainder of the cream with light beauty milk. The cream normalizes metabolic processes in the skin, returns elasticity and healthy look. It is recommended in cases of dermatocele with unhealthy leathery nuance.

It is possible to prepare other simple creams on the basis of above mentioned one:

  • add daily butter to the cream in 2:1 ratio. Such variant of cream perfectly lotions the skin and smooths non deep wrinkles.
  • add sour cream and parsley brew to the prepared cream in 3:1:1 ratio. Resulting cream rejuvenates skin, helps to get rid off small pigment spots, uneven tan, etc.
  • add lavender oil to the cream in 4:1 ratio. Such cream improves blood flow, eases feeling of burning and skin hypersensitivity.