Anemia is a decrease of number of red blood cells and (or) hemoglobin due to a blood loss, increased blood destruction and impaired haemopoiesis.

  Results of scientific researches show that Shilajit has anti-inflammatory and anti-toxic effect; it has stimulating action on erythro- and hematopoiesis, protein formation and metabolism of microelements; Shilajit is able to provide stimulating effect on immune system and blood regeneration processes. It is explained by complex chemical compound of Shilajit, which contains complex of biologically active substances, macro- and micro-elements, which are able to increase immunologic activity of the body and stimulate synthesis of proteins and nucleic acids.

  Efficiency of Shilajit during blood diseases can be explained by the content of various mineral substances. For example, iron, which is the component part of hemoglobin, it stimulates blood forming and is necessary for transportation of oxygen by red blood cells. Zinc is required for functioning of over eighty body enzymes and formation of red blood cells. It is effective in case of sickle cell anemia. Chrome provides normal functioning of hematopoietic system; red blood cells can be damaged if there is chrome shortage. Cuprum participates in enzymatic reactions as an activator or as a part of copper enzyme. It has huge role in blood forming processes, hemoglobin and cytochrome enzymes synthesis, where functions of cuprum are tightly connected to the functions of iron. Manganese is necessary for formation of hemoglobin and red blood cells.