Heart attack and post-infarction regeneration

Heart attack is a heart disease caused by insufficient blood supply with infarct focus (nescrosis) in the cardiac muscle. Based on the numerous researches it was proved, that Shilajit has favorable effect on the run of a heart attack: it speeds up regeneration of tissue, normalizes some disrupted metabolism links and promotes regeneration of damaged heart tissue. Lengthy application of Shilajit during heart attack is accompanied by normalization of coronary circulation and cardiac muscle metabolism, which leads to recovery of contractile function and frequency of heart contractions. Under influence of Shilajit during post-infarction period process of tissue replacement in infarct zone and formation of adaptive function of cardiac muscle may be sped up. Energy exchange in heart, coronary circulation and metabolism of heart muscle are normalizing; oxidative phoshporylation in mitochondria is increasing. Shilajit has general non-specific positive effect on normalization of general metabolism process.

Shilajit contains balanced complex of biologically active substances, including free and released during hydrolysis essential and nonessential amino-acids, which have wide range of pharmacological activity. For example non-essential glutamic acid has positive effect during decompensation of heart activity and protective effect on functions and metabolism of heart during cardioplegia and reperfusion. Non-essential amino-acid proline strengthens heart muscle; essential amino-acid methionine positively affects cardiovascular system. Positive effect of methionine on cardiovascular system can be explained by significant lipotropic action, ability to increase digestibility of micro-elements, lowering their toxicity, to increase level of thromboplastin of concentration of erythropoetin in the blood.

During heart ischemia mineral components is Shilajit are highly effective. Magnesium possesses cardioprotective action by positively affecting heart in case rhythm disruption and heart attack by improving oxygen supply of cardiac muscle and limiting damaged zone. At the same time, magnesium has vasodilatory effect and promotes lowering of arterial pressure. Phosphorus is a vital element, being part of all tissues in the organism, especially muscles and brain and participating in all types of metabolism is required for normal functioning of heart muscle. Chrome regulates lipid exchange, reducing the level of bad cholesterol in blood by disintegrating it and increasing level of good cholesterol, in doing so it prevents development of atherosclerosis and vascular diseases. Thus, Shilajit can be considered as rather useful natural drug during complex therapy of hearth attack.