Specialists, doctors and yoga trainers caution against taking Shilajit in tablets, capsules, extracts, powders except for Shilajit in a natural resin form. At first, it may seem that there is no difference between Shilajit in resin form and Shilajit in tablets, capsules, extracts or powders. Quite possible pharmacist or shop assistant will actively assure you that Shilajit in tablets is even better and healing effect is much faster. Let us try to figure out whether there is actually a difference between tablets and resin form.

Natural Shilajit is mined in the Altai Mountains. Authentic Shilajit contains a huge amount of vitamins and elements that will make you feel much better and help you to cope with all your diseases. Extraction of Shilajit is pricey, so natural pure Shilajit could not be cheap.

Do not rush to buy Shilajit in tablets, capsules, extracts or powders for your needs. Usually extract of Shilajit is used in such tablets, but not Shilajit itself. Naturally, properties and results of the application with Shilajit in tablets, capsules or powders will be significantly different from those that you would expect, as during production process all medicinal properties are lost. Chemical and thermal processing destroy all useful vitamins and elements. Manufacturers add special substances to make Shilajit in tablets look aesthetic. Tablets and capsules are mixed with silica, cellulose and there is no way to really reckon up the quality of natural Shilajit that has been mixed into these tablets. In this case, there are no benefits of such Shilajit, but also there may be a harm for your health. Unfortunately, often these additives have a negative impact on health. To make right choice, you should remember that natural pure Shilajit has shiny glasslike resin form, black colour and bitterish taste. It should also get sticky if you heat it, and it should dissolve in warm water, milk, tea or juice, which with dissolved Shilajit should become brownish.

Choosing natural Shilajit in genuine form, you guarantee yourself effective Shilajit of high quality that will help you to cure many diseases that Shilajit in tablets, capsules, extracts or powders could not cope with them.

We hope that this information is useful for you! We wish you to be healthy, happy, free of stress and more productive in life!