Shilajit Altai is the only company from Altai supplying high quality Shilajit in pure, natural and genuine form – a black, gummy mineral resin.

Our company makes deliveries of natural Shilajit to clients all over the world. We care of our client’s health, therefore, all production of the company is made only of natural components, without use of synthetic chemicals and is certified in Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing.

Collecting natural raw materials is carried out in the manual way at the height more than 3500 meters. Only at this height, collect the best Shilajit in the world which has the strongest positive impact on a human body and contains about 80 valuable natural components.

In Mountains Altai it's crystal-clear air, and water can be drunk directly from streams. Here there are the ideal conditions created by the nature, which allow collecting the purest Shilajit in the world. People noticed long ago that animals often rise to mountains to find Shilajit, which they pinch from stones. In the nature, there is a balance everywhere: night and day, fire and water, heat and cold, and there are diseases and ways of their treatment.

Shilajit is one of ways natural treatment of various diseases and strengthening of an organism. The main area of collecting Shilajit is highly in Mountains Altai, near Mount Belukha. The places where Shilajit is collected can only be reached on foot. In mountain Altai there are no industrial enterprises and the large cities, there are not enough tourists therefore Shilajit Altai is environmentally pure and in quality it is better than Shilajit from other points of the world.

Efforts of our team are always directed to one aim – to keep and increase your health, health of your family. You can be always sure that all our products possess high efficiency. After all, we use only checked and ecologically faultless components.